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Mako Student Success Story: Bless Dzissevor

Meet Mako student Bless Dzissevor: a talented young woman from rural Ghana who has flourished with us over many years. She currently works full-time at a luxury hotel and is saving up for a University-level degree so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist.

Like most of the children raised in our programming, the beginning of Bless’s life journey didn’t look so promising and was filled with much heartache. Her father died at the age of 5 and a few years later her mother also passed away. Orphaned at the age of 8, left with no support from extended family and nowhere to turn, she came into our care.

From a young age, Bless has always been the type of person others immediately trust: nurturing, kind and honest. She has served as a protective big sister to the other children, always ready to lend a hand.

Bless began nursery school with us at the age of 8 with no prior education, so she had some catching up to do. But that never stopped her. With her own hard work and continued support from our foundation, she made her way through primary school as a top student. It was then that Bless fell in love with English and expressing herself through writing. Her interest in journalism was born from an innate attention to detail and deep curiosity.

With the help of our Continued Education Scholarship, Bless went on to graduate from Aburi Secondary Technical School in 2021, something only 8% of females in Ghana accomplish. Our local team has supported her job hunt, using their connections to find her well paying employment.

Without this education and support, Bless’s future would have looked much more grim, facing child labor, forced child marriage, teenage pregnancy or a life on the streets to fend for herself. The support, education and opportunity our foundation provides helped change the course of her life.

In 2021, Bless was invited to speak at the graduation of her former Junior High School to inspire others like her to continue their own journey. In her speech she says:

“Our students are hardworking, dedicated and passionate. We are very proud of our students and all that they have accomplished. And we are thankful for our school, which has given these students, and myself, the ability to succeed in the future.”

How to Help Children Like Bless

Every dollar counts in providing continuous care for our kids. Become a member of our EveryChild and Scholar Collectives, make a one-time donation or get involved as a volunteer or board member today.


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