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Ghana, The Volta Region & HoHoe

Our at risk children, specifically in the Volta region, struggle with poverty, lack of clean water, malnutrition, child labor, exploitation and more. 

The Volta region, and HoHoe specifically, experience some of the highest unemployment rates in all of Ghana. Our region is home to the largest number of children living without parents, mainly due to poverty. These young and disadvantaged children are often left to fend for themselves and their siblings. Many times, they are without proper housing, education or even clean drinking water.


Our Challenges

The hurdles children face in rural Ghana are overwhelming. Our role in supporting their growth, safety and education is critical to their survival.


5% of children aged
10 -14 lack education due to poverty


 80% of households lack improved sanitation facilities


1 out of 5 children are engaged in child labor


Poor families are 2X more likely to be in need of clean water access


41% of households are without basic drinking water

Meet Some of Our At-Risk Children

Far too many children in our region live without their basic needs being met. Impoverished children, especially the youngest ones, are at high risk for living on the streets, sexual abuse, early marriage and child labor. In fact, the average age a child starts working in Gbi-Wegbe is 9 years old.


These kids deserve a childhood with the freedom to explore, learn and grow. Early education is the most effective way to help close the gaps. Mako Children’s Fund not only protects a child’s joy, but also helps them build the knowledge, resilience and skills to face life’s challenges.


“My favorite subject is math because I like to calculate and get answers that make sense. I really really like playing football and someday hope I can go to a football academy. I am very happy all of the time and I like to laugh.”


“I love to dance and I like eating pizza. I like storybooks about animals doing funny things because it makes me laugh. I want to be a lawyer when I am old and I think people would see I am very much good at it.”




“I am very happy to be able to live with all of my best friends at the boarding home. It’s fun when we go swimming together or go to the field. I really like to cook so I help our cook make dinner every time I am around. I want to be a caterer one day because I like seeing people enjoy the food I make.”


Together, We Can Build a Brighter Tomorrow

Every dollar counts in providing continuous care for our kids. Become a member of our EveryChild and Scholar Collectives, make a one-time donation or get involved as a volunteer or board member today.

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