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Happy Minds Grow Happy Lives

Uplifting at-risk youth in rural Ghana

through long-term education and

skill-building opportunities


Meaning of Mako

All peppers on the same tree do not ripen at the same time.

“Mako nyinaa mpatu mmere” is traditional Ghanaian proverb, from which the Adinkra symbol Mako (or pepper) is derived, inspires us to nurture every child in need at every stage of growth.


Our Work is Not Only Critical, It's Life-changing 

Our Ghanaian team & US Board work together to fund early childhood education through secondary school for the most at-risk youth. We help them build real-world skills and offer the safety and guidance necessary to thrive.

Our Kids Face Adversity Every Single Day


9 is the average age

a child starts working


 Children are 4X more likely to work than attend school


 55% of children live without parents due to poverty

Your Generosity Can Rewrite the Story of a Child's Life

“Our family supports Mako’s monthly membership because of their transformative work. They invest in each child’s upbringing with care and credibility. The pro-bono board increases local capacity and navigates emergencies the way guardians do.”



“The US Board of Mako and their Ghanaian team bring a decade of experience working together, empowering and raising at-risk children in Ghana. I know every dollar is making an immediate impact in a child’s life. By investing today they can have a future that goes far beyond tomorrow.”



“Every child deserves a fair shot at becoming the person they are meant to be and Mako has created a world where this is possible. When you visit the kids of the Mako community, you see happiness, vitality, hope, and their courage is unbounded. I have leaped at the opportunity to support by any means necessary because I can see a more colorful world of action with more representation and the Mako kids are a part of it. This is a picture that makes me proud and I believe is the way it should be.”



Together, We Can Build a Brighter Tomorrow

Every dollar counts in providing continuous care for our kids. Become a member of our EveryChild and Scholar Collectives, make a one-time donation or get involved as a volunteer or board member today.

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