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DJ Kindergarten: Ghana's Rising DJ Gives Back

By Cassie Rosengren, President US Board

On a warm December night in Wegbe, Ghana, the Mako Home was transformed into an open house event with music and chairs welcoming the community into our organization. Over 50 children, board members, staff, and local leaders came together, united by the infectious energy of DJ Kindergarten (DJ KG).

Few outside this rural Ghanaian community witness the challenges and triumphs of its residents. Yet, amidst the hardships, joy finds a way. Mako, a non-profit dedicated to uplifting vulnerable children, understands that survival isn't enough. Hope and joy are essential ingredients. Music, a universal language, becomes the bridge.

On that special night, under the resourceful glow of our makeshift lighting, DJ KG, regardless of age or background, turned everyone into dancing kings and queens. We know that music and dance are powerful modalities for healing and self-expression. DJ KG reminds us that healing can be fun, communal, and filled with movement.

The children of Mako, though deprived of their original families, yearn for a sense of belonging. Just like a familiar song can transport us back home, music connects Mako children to themselves, reminds them of their origin story, gives them pride and richens their sense of self. The joy of music and movement is truly, one of a kind.

Francis Kofi Awunor, the Man Behind the Music:

DJ KG's passion for music began at an age most wouldn't remember – three years old. Standing in his father's chair, headphones on and microphone in hand, he declared "Kindergarten" the year he'd launch his DJ career. Today, DJ KG is more than just a DJ; he's a beacon of positivity. His music, infectious smile, and kind heart uplift everyone he encounters.

Beyond the Music:

DJ KG's impact extends far beyond the dance floor. He has a unique ability to spark joy and confidence, especially in underprivileged children. As a long-time partner of Mako Children's Fund, he generously dedicates his time and talent to hosting fundraiser events and even development workshops for these children.

More than just a DJ, DJ KG is an entrepreneur who has built a successful brand. His generosity, work ethic, and business acumen set him on a path to leave a lasting legacy.

DJ KG's story is a testament to the power of dreams, no matter how young they begin. He's not just a performer at Mako; he's a motivator, inspiring at-risk children to pursue their dreams with passion and rigor. His story reminds us all that we can shape our own futures and create positive change in the world.

Special thanks to DJ KG for his talent, his work ethic and his heart.

How to Support Mako Children

Every dollar counts in providing continuous care for our kids. Become a member of our EveryChild and Scholar Collectives, make a one-time donation or get involved as a volunteer or board member today.


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