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Sustaining Member

Become a Sustaining Member

When a child joins the Mako family, our job has only just begun. Their future depends on continuing support from Sustaining Members like you.


With your monthly contribution, you’ll provide vital funds for a child’s constant care and education throughout their life–ensuring that child is protected from cyclical poverty and the risks that follow. 


$30.00 per month

Affords a child one daily meal and clean drinking water during school


$50.00 per month

Provides education & housing for our most vulnerable children with no home or safety net


$100.00 per month

Provides one at-risk child the opportunity to attend secondary or vocational school


Meet Shadrack Amekor

Shadrack joined us in class one following the death of his father, which left his family financially unable to house him or provide quality education. He is incredibly innovative and social, which is what motivates him to become a business owner in the future. With our help, Shadrack has just been accepted to attend New Nsutam Technical School with a concentration in Business.

One-Time Donation

Make a One-Time Donation

Any amount donated makes a huge impact on the lives of our kids – helping to provide tuition, books and supplies, hold skill-training workshops and create our Community Enrichment Center for Mako students. For some, the food we provide during school may be their only meal of the day.


Every dollar donated to Mako is used responsibly, effectively and immediately. That’s why $9 out of every $10 goes directly to helping our kids; providing ongoing education, supplies, meals and support. 

Meet Mercy Sehema

When Mercy came to us in 2021, she could not read, write or speak English. Today, thanks to our sustaining members, Mercy is thriving in a stable home and excelling with one-on-one tutoring in our Academic Excellence Program.

Join as an Ambassador

As a small organization, Mako Children’s Fund relies on the passionate and dedicated voices of others to spread our cause. You can advocate for us by sharing our mission with friends, family and colleagues. Or, join us as a volunteer fundraiser and organize to raise money locally on our behalf.


Meet Forgive

From an early age, Forgive needed support as her family struggled for income. Through generous donations, she learned to sew, received a Vocational Scholarship to attend fashion school and landed an advanced internship with Black Concept Clothing.

Enlist as a Volunteer

Want to learn more about what we do at Mako Children’s Fund and help our mission through hands-on immersion? We are selective, and supportive, of who enters the lives of our children. Passionate volunteers willing to be educated on local solutions, culture, customs and needs can develop life-changing bonds through hands-on support in Ghana.

Contact Us

Get in Touch

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or volunteer, please fill out the form.


Have more questions about what we do and the solutions we implement for our kids? Drop us a line – we’d love to connect with you! 

Thank you! Someone will contact you soon!

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